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Version 2.6
| Common Loops |
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Common Loops:
Here are some commonly used loops to help get you started.
Self-sufficient E-cell Loop 45,937,828 credits
Argon Food Loop 3,134,656 credits
Boron Food Loop 2,846,200 credits
Paranid Food Loop 3,547,180 credits
Split Food Loop 3,364,748 credits
Teladi Food Loop 3,284,696 credits
Terran Food Loop 3,145,364 credits
Argon "1 of everything"
284,979,844 credits
Teladi have the least expensive mines.
Boron have the least expensive Solar Power Plants, Alpha Flak Artillery Forge, Chip Plant.
The Boron also have the least expensive food producing factories (BoFu and BoGas)
The Paranid have the most expensive.
Argons and Teladi have the least expensive Quantum Tube Fabs.
Paranid have the least expensive Advanced Satellite Factory.
Boron and Teladi have the least expensive Computer Plants.
The Teladi Computer Plant together with their Quantum Tube Fab and food factories (Sun Oil & Flower Farm) is less expensive than the other races.
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